OneNote Gem Add-Ins

Statistics Word Count for OneNote Notebooks, Sections, Pages

"OneNote Batch" v19 add statistics for OneNote notebooks, section groups, sections, pages.

"Statistics" feature is in "Home" tab.
Statistics for 1 Page

The statistics items include:
  •     Outlines
  •     Paragraphs (include empty paragraphs)
  •     Paragraphs (exclude empty paragraphs)
  •     Characters (no spaces)
  •     Characters (with spaces)
  •     Words
  •     Non-Asian Words
  •     Asian Words
  •     Ink Drawings
  •     Images
  •     Inserted Files
  •     Media Files
Statistics for 1 Page
Statistics for Multiple Pages

Press "Ctrl" key or "Shift" key to select multiple items.

"OneNote Batch" will add these items, and display the count.
Statistics for Multiple Pages
Statistics for Sections

If you select a section, "OneNote Batch" will display this section statistics.
If you select multiple sections, "OneNote Batch" will add this items together.
Statistics for Sections
Statistics for Notebooks

If you select a notebook, "OneNote Batch" will display this notebook statistics.
Statistics for Notebooks
This feature run slowly, please wait patiently.
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