OneNote Gem Add-Ins

EXE: Bulk Check and Repair all Pages in OneNote Notebooks with One Click

Gem for OneNote” Add-in already provides check and repair capabilities for the current page. See this article for details.
OneNote Batch Processor” improve this feature to bulk verify and fix a large number of pages in notebooks.
Check and Repair the Pages in the Checked Sections 
In OneNote Batch, click “Home” tab -> “Verify Pages” feature.
  1. At first, in the Notebook tree pane on the left, tick the sections you want to verify.
  2. Finally, click “Start” button on the right.
OneNote Batch” starts checking the page individually, and then list the pages with issues.
It display the error number and whether the repair is successful.
Click on the listed item and it will jump to the page.
Use the OneNote Batch Processor to check and fix the pages in your OneNote notebooks.

Download OneNote Batch