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EXE: Import Evernote's Notes Directly into OneNote's School or Work Account (Business Notebook)

This document is not intended for Evernote 10 and later version.

OneNote Batch is working under OneNote 2016, 2013, 2010. So there are a lot of conveniences.

Because OneNote Batch works on a local hard drive and is not over the Internet, it is fast to import and display. It is not affected by The instability of the Internet.

Once imported into your school or work account, sync slowly into Microsoft's cloud with OneNote's own sync feature.
Method 1:
  1. Create a notebook in OneNote's school or work account at first.
  2. Choose 1. "Import all notebooks" 2. “Save as OneNote section” in the "Import Evernote" feature in OneNote Batch. It will imports Evernote's notebooks into the checked OneNote notebook, an Evernote notebook as a section of OneNote.
This allows you to import all Evernote notebooks directly into OneNote's school or work account as sections.

Method 2:
Do not need create a notebook in OneNote.
  1. At first, in OneNote Batch's Import Evernote feature, choose: 1. Import All Notebooks, 2. "Save notebook as OneNote notebook". It will imports Evernote's notebooks into OneNote at first, and this import generates multiple OneNote local notebooks for its corresponding Evernote notebooks.
  2. Migrate OneNote's local notebook to school or work account. See: How to Move OneNote Notebook between Local Disk, Personal OneDrive and SharePoint OneDrive
This eliminates the need to create a notebook in OneNote first, but there are more steps to migrate your notebooks to school or work account.

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