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Import Evernote Tag Structure into OneNote

We need 2 tools to import Evernote Tag Structure into OneNote.
  1. Use "Export Tag" feature in "Evernote Batch" to export Evernote Tag Structure File (.ets).
  2. Use "Import Tag Structure" in "Gem Navigator" in "OneNote Gem - Favorites" to import Evernote tag structure into OneNote.
  3. Use "Keyword Tags" feature in "OneNote Gem - Favorites" to view these tags with their tree.

Export Tag Structure from Evernote
We can use "Export" Tag feature in "Evernote Batch Processor" to export Evernote tag tree structure. Detail: How to Export and Import Evernote Tags with Their Tree Structure
Export Tag Structure from Evernote
Export Tag Structure from Evernote
Import .ETS File into OneNote

In "OneNote Gem - Favorites" add-in, open "OneNote Gem - Navigator" pane.
  1.     Click tag icon (Keyword Tags).
  2.     Right click on top "Tag Tree", click "Import Tag Structure" item on context menu.
  3.     Choose a .ets file in "Import Evernote Tag Structure File" dialog.
  4.     Click "Open" button.

The "Gem Navigator" will import these tags with their tree structure into OneNote.
Import .ETS File into OneNote
Import .ETS File into OneNote
After Imported
After imported into OneNote, we can see it create the tags which does not exist, it move the tags to their correct level when they exist.
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