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How to Using Ctrl+Shift+B to Paste Username & Password to Sing in a Website?

Currently, some websites populate split a sign in as 2 web pages, one is Username page, another is Password page. We call it 2 pages sign in.

As this type login interface, OneNote Gem - Favorites v26 add new keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+B in "OneNote Navigator" to paste Username & Password to these 2 web pages.

You just press one Ctrl+C,twice Ctrl+Shift+B to quickly fill in the Username box & Password box.
Format Your User Name & Password in OneNote

The user name & password are saved as 2 lines in OneNote.

Ctrl+Shift+B can recognize follow User name & Password format.

Format 1 :

User Name: YourUserName
Password: YourPassword

Format 2:

Format Your User Name & Password in OneNote
Run Gem Navigator Tool

Ctrl + Shift + B is a shortcut in Gem Navigator. So, you need to run Gem Navigator at first.

You can run OneNote Navigator from Windows desktop.
Or, run it from OneNote ribbon -> "Navigation" tab -> "Navigator" feature.

Gem Navigator can auto run by Windows system.
You can open the Options window from Tools menu in Gem Navigator, check the "Run at Windows Start.".

Ctrl + Shift + B shortcut is designed to get the user name & password from clipboard, and split the user name & password, and paste them into user name box & password box one by one.
Run Gem Navigator Tool
Login Interface for Ctrl+Shift+B

Keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + B is designed for the 2 pages sign in. Like the sign in web pages of
  1. The first page just has: "Email, phone, or Skype" box.
  2. The second page just has: Password box。
Login Interface for Ctrl+Shift+B
  1. At first, select user name & password 2 lines in OneNote, press Ctrl+C, copy them to clipboard.
  2. Next, switch to Login interface in web browser, click the "Email, phone, or Skype" box.
  3. Press Ctrl + Shift + B, Gem will fill in the YourUserName to this box
  4.     Click "Next" button, enter Password page, click the "Password" box.
  5.     Press Ctrl + Shift + B again, Gem will fill in the YourPassword to this box.

Thus, it reduce the operation to "1 Copy, 2 Paste, 1 Switch interface between software" from "2 Copy, 2 Paste, 3 Switch interface between software".

How to Using Ctrl+Shift+B to Paste Username & Password to Sing in a Website?
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