OneNote Gem Add-Ins

Customize OneNote Tags and Sync Tags in Multiple Computer

You can customize tags in OneNote desktop version.
(Read: How to Create and Customize Tag in OneNote?)

But, OneNote has a disadvantage, you cannot export and import or sync these customize tags in multiple computers.

It mean that you have to recreate these customize in difference computer.

OneNote Gem - Favorite v23 add a new ribbon tab to help you save these customize tags and sync them in multiple computers.

Favorite a Tag

Follow steps to add a tag to "FavTag" tab.
  1. Put cursor in a paragraph with a tag. (In this example, the paragraph has a tag named Fight)
  2. Next, click "OneNote Gem - Favorite" add-in -> "FavTag" tab -> "Manager" group -> "Favorite" button.
Favorite a Tag
Add Tag to "FavTag" Tab on OneNote Ribbon

After click "Favorite" button, the "Fight" tag will add to "FavTag" tab on ribbon.
Add Tag to
Using a Tag

Put the cursor in a paragraph, click "Flight" tag on ribbon.
Gem will add the "Flight" tag to the paragraph. If the paragraph already has a "Flight" tag, Gem will remove the "Flight" tag from this paragraph.
Using a Tag
Sync these Favorite Tags to another Computer

OneNote Gem - Favorite will auto sync these favorite tags in multiple computers, you need to install OneNote Gem - Favorite add-in in another computer too.

Follow is "OneNote Gem - Favorite" installed on OneNote 2013, you can see the favorite tags appear on ribbon after sync completely.
Sync these Favorite Tags to another Computer

Download OneNote Gem - Favorites