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OneNote Gem - Keyword Tags

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Using OneNote Keyword Tags, we can achieve an article belong to multiple categories (Tags).
This is an OneNote Gem - Favorites Feature.

OneNote Keyword Tags Feature
How to use Keyword Tags

  1. Keyword Tags must write in title of page.
  2. Keyword Tags enclosed in braces { }.
  3. Separate each Keyword with comma ","
  4. Keywords Not case sensitive.


What's New? {Features, Start}

There are 2 Keyword Tags: Features, Start
OneNote Keyword Tags Window
Gem Keyword Tags Window
How to create Keyword Tags Tree
OneNote Navigator Icon
It's need to Open "Navigator" in OneNote Gem - Favorites
and drag and drop the tag to create tag tree.

OneNote Gem Navigator Window
OneNote Gem Navigator - Keyword Tags Manager

  1. Drag and Drop to create tree
  2. Add selected Keyword Tag into current page.
  3. Delete a Keyword Tag.
  4. Follow link to OneNote page.
  5. Open page as OneNote sidenote.
  6. Auto sync Keyword Tags tree via OneDrive
OneNote Gem Navigator Window
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