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Using Markdown to Create Flow Chart for OneNote

One Markdown 2.0 add create flow chart feature.

You can use markdown to create flow chart for OneNote
How to Install One Markdown Work with OneNote
  1.     Install OneNote 2016
  2.     Download and install "One Markdown Server 2.0".
  3.     Download and install "One Markdown for Windows 2.0".

One Markdown will auto create a "Markdown Notebook" in OneNote.

Flow Chart Markdown

This is a simple flow chart Markdown:
st=>start: Start
e=>end: End
op1=>operation: My Operation
sub1=>subroutine: My Subroutine
cond=>condition: Yes or No?
io=>inputoutput: catch someting...

Flow Chart Markdown -> One Markdown -> One Markdown Server -> OneNote
  1.     Paste the flow chart Markdown into "One Markdown".
  2.     "One Markdown" auto sync the page to "One Markdown Server".
  3.     "One Markdown Server" auto convert to image, and sync to OneNote.

Last, in OneNote got this image:
Flow Chart
Edit the Flow Chart

If you want to edit the flow chart, you just edit the flow chart Markdown text in "One Markdown", it will auto sync to OneNote and replace this image.

Flow Chart Markdown -> One Markdown -> One Markdown Server -> OneNote
One Markdown Server and One Markdown for OneNote (Insider)
This features can only be displayed correctly under OneNote 32 Bit. Therefore, it is recommended to install OneNote 32 Bit.
Download One Markdown