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Insert Checkbox into OneNote from Android One Markdown

One Markdown 2.0 add new Markdown syntax to insert check box.

You can install One Markdown for Android in Android phone, using [ ] and [x] to insert uncheck and checked To Do tags for OneNote.
How to install One Markdown Work with OneNote

On a Desktop PC or Laptop
  1.     Install OneNote 2016 or 2013.
  2.     Download and install "One Markdown Server" 2.0
  3.     Run "One Markdown Server".

"One Markdown Server" will auto create a "Markdown Notebook" and sync to OneNote.

On an Android Phone
  1. Enable "Unknown sources" in Security in Settings of Android Phone.
  2. Download and install "One Markdown for Android".
  3. Run "One Markdown" in Android phone.
  4. On the "One Markdown" main menu, press "Hosts" item to enter into choose hosts.
  5. Long press on a host name, it will pop up a menu, and press "Retrieve from Server".

"One Markdown" will connect to "One Markdown Server" on Desktop PC.

Insert Check Box

In One Markdown:

[ ] is uncheck box
[x] is checked box

Markdown -> Android -> One Markdown Server -> OneNote

Operational Process:
  1. Write [ ] or [X] Markdown text in Android One Markdown.
  2. Android One Markdown will auto sync this page to "One Markdown Server" on Desktop PC.
  3. "One Markdown Server" will auto convert Markdown text to OneNote normal text.
    ‚Äčthe [ ] or [x] will convert to OneNote To-Do tag.

Markdown -> Android -> One Markdown Server -> OneNote
Download One Markdown