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Alarm danger size of shared notebooks on skydrive in OneNote 2010 (0xE0000025, 0xE000005E)

We have known that we can't get the real size of shared notebooks in the skydrive.

OneNote Gem's Danger Size Alarm feature will show you the real size ( in bytes ).

This feature will list all notebooks in sky-drive, and show the notebooks real size.

1. Blue icon, notebook normal size
2. Yellow icon, notebook alarm size
3. Red icon, notebook size beyond the limit. ( This will cause  synchronization error 0xE0000025, 0xE000005E )

SkyDrive places a maximum size limit of 50MB (megabytes) on individual files that you store online.

If your file size large than 50MB, you will catch error message:

This section cannot be synced because it exceeds the maximum system download file size. Error code: 0xE0000025.

But in onenote we can't read the size.

Even in the live skydrive we are also can only see MB(megabytes) of the size.

So OneNote Gem provide this feature, in there, you will see the real size of shared notebooks.
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